Drag Race in Constanza – Dragueo de las Alturas – October 2011

The nice thing about living in Jarabacoa is the fact that you can get to the North Coast beaches, like my favorite, Cabarete in less than 1 hour and 45 min, you can get to the Capitol city, Santo Domingo in about 2 hours… and to a drag race in Constanza in under 2 hours (the road is being paved at the moment).

Here are 2 videos I compiled from videos I shot on my iPhone of the Dragueo de las Alturas in Constanza, Dominican Republic the other week on October 29th-30th, 2011 at the Constanza airport. Continue reading

Dominican Slang Translation

I came across this website where someone made digital flash cards to learn Domincan slang words. I really enjoyed it.

Living Life In Jarabacoa – In Videos

What is Jarabacoa like? Here are several short Jarabacoa videos showing what life is like living in Jarabacoa. Continue reading

Felling, drinking and eating Coconut in Jarabacoa

Here’s a couple of videos from Jarabacoa showing the process of ‘felling’ coconuts from a tree after climbing it with a machete then drinking the water and eating the coco flesh inside. What a hoot. It was such a cultural adventure! Continue reading

Kids Going Crazy for Fruit Falling from Trees in Jarabacoa

Here’s a video of kids excitedly gathering fruit from a tree in Jarabacoa that some men were trimming or harvesting fruit. The whole barrio was in on it! I am told they are “limoncillos” (literally translated: ‘little lemons’ but are called “Spanish lime” or “honeyberry” elsewhere.) Continue reading

Sunrise, Noon and Sunset in Jarabacoa – Looking South to Jamaca de Dios Mountain

This is a time lapsed view of the mountain where Jamaca de Dios residential development is located using Google Earth and satellite imagery. Jamaca de Dios is the road going up the middle of the photographs. The road to the right, I was told is the ‘Marte’ development. To the far right is Mogote mountain, which is a great morning or afternoon excursion in Jarabacoa, to hike up and down (bring water and snacks!). Continue reading

Huelga en Jarabacoa Dominican Republic (Strike)

“E’ jarto k ‘toy!”

E' Jarto K 'Toy - Loose Translation: "I'm sick of it"When I heard that there was going to be a Huelga in Jarabacao today (July 11th, 2011), I asked on Facebook last night “So, tell me, what exactly is being protested in this particular strike?”

Here are a couple of replies that I received from Dominican nationals and/or expats: Continue reading

Helicopter Ambulance Landing at Motocross Race in Corocito, Jarabacoa

During the motocross race in Corocito, Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic on July 10, 2011, a helicopter ambulance landing kicked up quite the dust storm. The hill where it landed was packed full of spectators… ‘eating dust’. I believe that a racer was injured when he fell off his bike and got run over by another motorbike driver. Watch the video here. Continue reading

Reflections on a Visit to Jarabacoa

By Dawn Offord.

Men with guns (stationed to protect the people in our Jarabacoa hotel) greet us first thing in the morning, followed by shoeshine boys, eager to make our shoes look better, stationed beside dogs sleeping in the shade of magnificent old trees. Other little boys, telling us how hungry they are, gladly accept our Continue reading

Bit by the Motorcycle Bug – Kate’s Transportation Experience

By Kate Sponsler.

I lived in Jarabacoa for 9 years between 1999 and 2010. There are various options for personal conveyance around the town, including on foot, mule, horse, moped, scooter, motorcycle, motoconcho, 4-wheeler, dune buggy, gator, private or public car, taxi! Though, once I got myself on a motorbike, that was the only transportation for me!

Upon my arrival to the Dominican Republic, I had never ridden on a motorcycle or even seen one close up. Since mechanically-propelled two-wheeled transportation is the preferred method in and around Jarabacoa, it was not long before I was initiated into the “motorbike passenger” role.  Continue reading